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Need a low-impact exercise machine for your home? TRUE’s Performance 50 Recumbent Bike can help you meet your goals at any fitness level. The bike features:

A quality recumbent bike like TRUE’s ES700 is perfect for all fitness levels. This recumbent bike’s latest features include:


The TRUE ES900 Recumbent Bike is brilliantly engineered for comfort, safety, and efficiency. Its walk-through design accommodates users of all fitness levels while an ergonomic-enhanced reclining seat offers one of the most comfortable rides in the industry. The bike is self-generating, eliminating the need to position it near an outlet. Along with its small footprint, the ES900 allows you to maximize your workout space. Customize your ES900 with a choice of feature-rich consoles. Warranty covers all parts for at least ten years.



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All of TRUE’s home fitness equipment features commercial-grade materials and components.

In addition to these special features, all of our exercise bikes are manufactured with the highest quality materials and components. This dedication to quality means you can get a total-body workout on a commercial-grade machine in the comfort of your own home.

True ES700 True ES900

The self-generating ES900 Recumbent was designed and engineered with the user foremost in mind. The new ES900 is manufactured with commercial-grade materials and the finest components for extreme durability. Paired with TRUE's new customized display options, quality materials and sleek design, the ES900 is a must-have for the energy-conscious home gym.



The walk-through design on the ES900 bike accommodates users of all fitness levels. Its kick plates protect step-over traction as well as step-through access. TRUE has taken the traditional mesh seat to the next level with an all-new elastic mesh material that offers one of the most comfortable rides in the industry.  This same material is used in commercial office chair applications and is custom engineered for optimal comfort and long usage. All seat adjustments are easy to identify in their TRUE blue color.  The wrap-around adjustment accommodates users of various sizes and makes seat customization easy to manage.


Convenient thumb controls located on the contact heart rate handlebars provide an innovative approach to user interface.  Easily adjust your workout intensity on the seat-side handgrips so you can remain in your comfortable position throughout the whole workout.


TRUE HRC Cruise ControlTM allows you to lock in on your targeted heart rate. Once your target is entered, one touch TRUE HRC Cruise ControlTM will adjust speed and incline automatically throughout the duration of your workout to maintain your target heart rate, just like the Cruise Control in your car.


The TRUE Indoor Cycling Bike is a great tool for both low impact cardio and intense spinning sessions. The Indoor Cycling Bike has a simple, user-friendly design that delivers a reliable workout performance while catering to each users' specific fitness needs. Comprised of commercial-grade materials, the Indoor Cycling Bike from TRUE is a compact, yet necessary piece of product in the home gyms everywhere.

True Indoor Cycle
  • A BELT Direct Drive System for reliable workout performance

  • Resistance control that caters to your specific fitness needs

  • Adjustable seats and handlebar design for a one-size-fits-all exercise bike.

  • 46.2 lb. Inertia (Equivalent) Flywheel

  • TRUE’s HRC Cruise Control that maintains your target heart rate by increasing or decreasing resistance throughout your workout

  • Elastic mesh seats for a workout that is as calorie-burning as it is comfortable

  • Thumb-operated controls on the contact heart rate handlebars to easily adjust resistance during your workout

  • A small footprint for a space-efficient home gym

  • Bluetooth connectivity to any of your digital devices

  • Warranty covers all parts for at least ten years.

  • Multiple console types to choose from to match your technology preferences

  • TRUE HRC Cruise Control that maintains your heart rate by automatically adjusting resistance.

  • LED Console to track distance, calories, resistance and more.

  • Ergonomic Mesh Seat for a comfortable biking workout.

  • Warranty covers all parts for at least five years.